13300 Victory Blvd. #363, Van Nuys, CA 91401
Our dog day care facility in Van Nuys, California


What will my dogs' first day be like?

A: Our service is a pickup/drop-off plus daycare service. Your pup will ride, seat belted, in the front with either Kelly or Ross. The vans are custom made for the dogs and gated between the front and back so your pup can see and become familiar with the dogs without being in a confined environment with dogs he/she doesn’t know. We arrive at the facility around noon. We provide 3 hours of daycare which includes exercise, socialization, proper hydration and rest and a lot of love. YOUR DOGS ARE NEVER LEFT ALONE OR UN-ATTENDED!! We load the dogs back into the vans around 3:00 and then return them to their homes.

My dog is my child. Why should I trust you over the numerous other daycare companies?

A: When we started our company we were taking dogs to a local dog park. We realized immediately that caring for these dogs involved so much more than just giving then affection and throwing a toy. We needed to keep them safe in an uncontrolled environment where people and their dogs were very unpredictable. We began studying dogs as a species (breed specific behavior, species specific behavior, the importance of understanding the proper way humans and canines interact and communicate) by reading texts from the top canine authorities working today, as well as attending seminars, to better our education and understanding of this remarkable species so we could properly do our job. We have continued and will always continue to further our education and understanding of dogs to ensure them and you the happiest, healthiest and the most satisfying day possible!

Do you pick-up in my area?

A: Our pick-up area is pretty extensive, including Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Encino, North Hollywood, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood etc. Send us an e-mail to ask us about your specific address.

How do I know if my dog qualifies for your Daycare program?

A: Our initial interview and talk with you will tell us more. The dogs who do best in our program are highly sociable, active and love to play with other dogs.

Do you have breed restrictions for Daycare?

A: We do. We have found that certain breeds do not work well in a Pack environment. Therefore we can not accept Pit-Bulls/Pit Bull mixes, Rottweilers, Akita’s or Boxers.

My dog is a puppy. At what age would he or she be able to join the daycare program?

A: We encourage you to get your puppy started with us as early as you can! Puppies critical learning period is during the first 12-weeks of life. It’s best to inquire with your Vet and/or breeder as for the best time for your puppy to join our Pack.

Do you accept unneutered or unspayed dogs?

A: Yes we do! We would be happy to talk with more in-depth with you regarding the scientific reasons why we do. Feel free to e-mail or call us regarding this issue.

Is your daycare facility clean? A lot of them do not smell very good.

A: We pride ourselves on how clean we keep our facility! At the end of each day the entire play area (even the kiddie-pool!) gets sprayed down with “Simple Green d Pro-5”, which is used at veterinary clinics. Once rinsed off this keeps our facility clean and safe. The fact that we are an outdoor facility also means odors do not “hang in the air” like they do at indoor day cares.

I see you are an outdoor facility. What do you do when it rains? Or when it’s very hot?

A: When it rains we play! The only time we cancel if it is pouring rain to the point where the raindrops bother the dogs eyes, or if there is lightening. In terms of heat, we have large fans, a kiddie pool, shade structures and an outdoor Evaporative cooler which keeps the main play area very cool. HOWEVER if the temperature reaches over 100 degrees we will cancel the day just to be safe. And the dogs will travel to and from the facility in comfort as each vehicle is equipped with a rear A/C unit.

Are you bonded, insured and licensed?

A: We are bonded and insured. However, since we are not a kennel, there are NO STATE, CITY OR FEDERAL LISTENING REQUIRED to run a dog daycare business. We do, however, have a business tax license, which IS required.

Do you have aggressive dogs in your daycare program?

A: If a dog displays any aggressive traits they will be expelled from the day care program. These include possession aggression, territorial aggression, inter-sex aggression etc. We pride ourselves on having friendly, sociable dogs.

What happens if my dog gets injured while in your care?

A: We do everything to make sure dogs are injury free while in our care. However accidents do and can happen. If this is the case we will bring your dog to a veterinary clinic ASAP!

Are your employees subject to a complete background check?

A: Yes. We use INTELIUS.COM to run a complete background check, including a criminal background check as well.

Do you work with disabled dogs?

A: We do and we pride ourselves on working with disabled dogs. We have worked with dogs who have had strokes, who have been in wheelchairs, and currently have a Pack Member who is blind. If you have a disabled dogs please contact us to see how we can fit he or she into our day care program.

My dog was attacked by a group of dogs at a daycare facility (or a dog park). I would like to get him socialized again as he is fearful of dogs now. Can you help?

A: Yes we can! We have helped many traumatized dogs regain their confidence and social skills through our daycare program. We will work with you and your dog closely and create a personal program to help rehabilitate your dog.