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About Us

Kelly Levy

Kelly and Ross Levy grew up on opposites sides of the United States, but met soon after each moved to Los Angeles in the late 1980’s. Kelly grew up in Vermont with a Sheltie named Tammy, while Ross never had a dog growing up in Hawaii. It was soon after meeting in LA that they discovered their shared love of all things canine. In fact, it was while dog sitting they fell in love, so it was clear early on that dogs would play a major role in their lives. Soon after moving in together, they adopted their first dog, a stray they named “Scruffy,” and have never been with-out a dog in their home since.

It was their next dog, an Alaskan Malamute named Buddy, that inspired Kelly in 1999 to quit her job as a restaurant manager to pursue her dream of starting a dog daycare business. A success almost immediately, Ross soon left his job at Sony Pictures to help her with the business, which was then known as KELLY’S PET CARE. After offering only neighborhood walks, they were convinced by a client to bring her Border Collies to a local dog park. It was during this time that Ross & Kelly’s interest in dog behavior grew. Quickly realizing they needed to teach themselves as much as they could about dogs health and behavior in order to provide their client's dogs the best and safest day possible, they devoured everything they could get their hands on to expand their knowledge.

After a number of years in the dog park, they changed the name of their company to The Mindful Dog and moved the business to a private, enclosed facility located in the San Fernando Valley. Here their dedication to providing their client's dogs with the best day possible grew.

Ross Levy
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Today they continue to read books, dog blogs and watch seminars by the top canine professionals working today - including Pat Miler, Turid Rugas, Dr. Stanley Coren and Patricia B. McConnell - in order to keep up with the latest advances and discoveries and apply that knowledge to their work with dogs every day. They now share their lives and home with 3 Golden Retrievers.